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Profit Focused Military

Profit Focused Military

As a Navy veteran, I can speak for the unreasonable profit focus drive of the military industrial complex. I had to witness people be turned away from medical care with nothing but Motrin and the need for hearing protection from the sound of jets taking off on an aircraft carrier ignored for the sake of presentation in lieu of micro-management. These are small complaints compared to what this Iraq vet has to say about his Chain of Command refusing a request for further protection of trucks from gun fire. When budgeting and functionality are placed over the lives of our soldiers, something is wrong with the way things are being run.

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Matt is a native Texan and an Eagle Scout. He served in the Navy on the USS Ronald Reagan. He enjoys writing poetry and playing various instruments. He goes to school. He considers himself mostly non-partisan, but tends to lean toward the liberal side of the two poles. He likes his eggs over-easy, and his coffee black as night.

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