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Don’t Allow the Stage to be Set for Violence

Don’t Allow the Stage to be Set for Violence

There are reports circulating that up to 20k American troops will be deployed to quell civil unrest, in America. Is there any doubt this will be in cities such as New York?
Do I need to spell out in large letters what a bad idea this is? I think not, but I will give my opinion.

The United States already has mechanisms in place to address civil unrest within its borders. We like to call them Police Officers, we like to call them the National Guard.
The only thing you can possibly call 20k trained troops in the US for the purpose of quelling unrest is an escalation. The elements of martial law are already being put into place, if not in name, at least in actions.

Let’s not be quick to start pointing fingers at our most recent president. Even though you could. The powers that be are worried, things are falling apart, this president was just the last straw.
What good could possibly come from trained soldiers patrolling American streets, none, no good can come of it.

Look at Egypt, look anywhere where there is a government/military presence and the people rebel. Soldiers are supposed to protect and defend democracy not force it into dark corners.
How are the American people supposed to react, are they supposed to just shrug their soldiers and accept that the soldiers are there for their own good, for their protection, that’s what we’ve been doing for decades.

We have lived in a world of fear since the 1940s. We have been on our toes and instead of questioning actions we defer to our elected leaders. Don’t forget that, we elected them, we gave them their power, we never questioned.

I propose now, nay, I demand now, that we begin questioning, that we begin once again participating in our democracy. Contact your elected officials, every one of them, by phone, by letter, by any means necessary and tell them that we don’t want troops in our streets, that the only possible outcome is either violence against the people or violence against the military, and either of those outcomes will be disastrous to democracy, unwarranted deaths will ensue, not by design but through the situation.

Soldiers will be convinced they are doing what is best for the nation, the people will be convinced they are being subjugated, and it doesn’t matter who is right, who is wrong, or the reasons they believe the way they do, violence will occur because people will not be able to see any other options, they will see their freedoms being ripped away at the tip of a gun.

Americans are an independent people, the idea of forceful government control sets Americans to action, but let us take action using the tools we have before the weapons roll down the street. Because when they do, these protests will no longer be peaceful, they will be massacres. There is no way to defend against a trained military force.

We already know what happens in civil wars, we all lose.

About mattbaker

Matthew Baker is a veteran of the United States Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Ronald Reagan from 2002 to 2006. He holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Oklahoma. Baker has worked as a reporter and photographer for The Purcell Register in Purcell, Ok, and is currently teaching English and Journalism to high school students in Norman, OK.


  1. This could really backfire on the American Gov. I can’t see any member of our armed services taking down his neighbor. Our police as a whole aren’t that sharp outside of your swat teams so I don’t see the gov going to them. Our military is highly trained and equip to handle marshall law. This would mean the end of the United States of America as we know it. Think about it if your part of that 1% who better than the United States Military to be your private police force. The Police that patrol our streets now will have no roll in a private Army and therefore will be scraped with the other 99%. Fare fetched, sure but somethings brewing, anyone can see that much.

    • I agree, many things are far fetched, but does not make them improbable. The Patriot Act being used to spy on citizens was also far fetched. Maybe there are good intentions but the possibility that situations could turn against the rest of Americans should be taken into consideration. Maybe the government is only wanting to address a small group, but then what happens when the government figures out they control an entire city?

  2. John Hort SFC Ret USA

    The Republican globalists minions of the “kleptocratic corporate and banking oligarchy” control the game, create and nurture both sides of the argument to pit Americans against each other. Knowing full well that any major civil disorder will give them the opportunity to change the game as they wish, perhaps ending this wonderful ideal of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”
    Halliburton built the detention centers under Pres Bush no bid contract, and the Republican party already uses “us – them” psy ops trying to paint OWS people an unpatriotic rabble of undesirables. Our current Pres would not enact executive orders to roll us over into a hybrid corporate fascism with detention centers filled with slave labor, but Romney and other Republican corporate shills

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