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Post Office Evicted

Post Office Evicted

Did you know that the post office doesn’t run on tax dollars? It runs on stamps. The cost of stamps pays for the entirety of the USPS operations. The post office is guaranteed in the constitution. As of September’s cutbacks the USPS and analysts project a slow down in first class delivery service. The USPS’s position is unique because it does not receive federal subsidies but is obliged to federal oversight. Furthermore, the postal service is required to fully fund the pensions of its employees.

The U.S. Postal Service said a plan to save $2.1 billion a year and fend off possible bankruptcy would effectively put an end to almost all overnight delivery of first-class letters and postcards. Delivery would take at least two to three business days.,0,134633.story

The post office’s position is unique because it does not receive federal subsidies but is obliged to federal oversight. They are required to fully fund the pensions of its employees. This is unheard of as a standard practice.

The U. S. Postal Service  is one of the largest employers of veterans in the nation…There were 179,348 veterans employed in the Postal Service during FY 2006…Disabled veterans represented 8.8 percent (61,482) of the Postal Service’s career workforce…”

If there is a future for the survival of the USPS it will be innovation not cutbacks. I suspect that innovation is hindered by government interference. The post office in many ways become a haven for veterans and that is not a bad thing. There is significant amount of disabled veterans that are employed by the post office. The numbers have dwindled due to cut backs.

The post office needs to redefine itself in a major way. They are the perfect example of self sufficient program that for the most part works. In the process it is a social program. And its mere existence defines its cultural need. The embedded video is Majority Report’s, Sam Seder’s, well justified rant on the disembowelment of the post office. His anger is pretty on the money. Let us not forget that this is a bipartisan failure to find a resolution.

The modernisms of the past, like the Post office, predate the constitution and do not become outdated. They become transformed. The original circulatory system for this great nation is merely clogged by a system that only serves to hinder it. Obsoletism is a dangerous mode of thought. The post office’s purpose is not delivery of junk mail. The invention of the photograph did not make the mirror obsolete. One of the chief function of a postal service is legal documents. Re-purposing and restructuring is cheaper in the long run then making cuts and dismantling an American institution. The embedded gentleman bellow shows us how to make the banks pay and help the USPS. Enjoy!


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