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SFTC Disassociates Itself From Nontransparent Groups

SFTC Disassociates Itself From Nontransparent Groups

Soldiers for the Cause believes that a large part of what makes the Occupy Wall Street Movement successful is transparency. That being said, Soldiers for the Cause has decided to disassociate themselves from the Occupy Marines and Occupy Police groups that rely on total anonymity.

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  1. Good idea – it’s better to know exactly who we have on our side!!! Show your faces to your friends, family and colleagues!! LET THEM SEE THAT YOU ARE THE 99% AND STAND UP FOR AMERICA, NOT HIDE!!

  2. I don’t understand. Only 3½ weeks ago, as reported here at SFTC’s website on Nov. 20, you and OccupyMARINES “were proud to announce our joint efforts in support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.” As recently as Dec. 1, you reported that SFTC “took part in an International Occupy Round Table Summit” with groups including Occupy Marines, Occupy Police, and members of Anonymous.

    Now, less than two weeks later, you mysteriously disassociate SFTC from Occupy Marines and Occupy Police because they “rely on total anonymity.” You assert “that a large part of what makes the Occupy Wall Street Movement successful is transparency,” yet you offer no explanation whatever for this sudden disassociation from groups that have always relied on total anonymity.

    And if it’s merely a matter of anonymity, why single out those two groups? What about the much larger organization of international hacktivists known as Anonymous? Are you disassociating SFTC with them too?

    I don’t get why you’ve abandoned your erstwhile partners this way. WTF is going on?

  3. Our issues are veterans’ issues. Veterans are looked up to in our culture and are held to higher standard. We believe that Occupy and Anonymous are different ideas that lend each other to themselves. Occupy would be nothing without Anon legions. However, we have come to the conclusion that without media transparency with any groups that use the brand of Occupy the public trust is broken. We wanted to keep our press release simple because these are our ideas and far be it for us to guide others beliefs.
    There are new veterans contacting us all the time and we cannot incorporate them into what is unknown to us. Some of these veterans are college students attending on the GI bill and we cannot send them into harms way after their return from danger.
    We have all lent our good names to this project and we are exposed. We have no problem with the idea of Anonymous, even though, it is not our ethos. We believe that information is free and have no problem using information that originates from wikileaks or Anonymous. We respect anons. But free speech and transparency is our ethos.

  4. You evaded my question: what suddenly changed? Occupy Marines and Occupy Police have always relied on total anonymity. That didn’t prevent you from enthusiastically partnering with them for nearly a month. Yet now you abruptly throw them overboard. That ain’t the honorable conduct I’d expect from SFTC. Plus I’m very disappointed in your lack of candor.

  5. We apologize for being the source of your disappointment. Our only desire is to be honorable. We will take your comment into account and consider expanding on this issue. Thank you!

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