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Vanessa Guillen: MST Martyr?

Vanessa Guillen was bludgeoned with a hammer, on base, in the armory, her remains were removed in a box. Several people saw, now deceased due to suicide, Aaron Robinson struggling with the box the night Vanessa disappeared. Guillen was a private and Robinson was a specialist. They both worked in the armory but in the army that small rank difference means a lot, and many, (if not most) exploit that. Read More »


In an early interview in San Diego Andrea Gallagher and Sean Gallagher, the brother of a Chief that is now convicted of taking a selfie with a corpse, they both looked like they had been worn out by the other accusations of war crimes. Chief Gallagher had reached retirement age, many chiefs stay in longer, the combat fatigue is obvious ... Read More »

George Floyd’s Body

An independent autopsy commissioned by the Floyd family revealed that George Floyd was murdered and contradicted the state’s autopsy that claimed that George Floyd’s comorbidity had lead to his death. After the families autopsy went public the state followed suit. What this also revealed is that if George Floyd didn’t have anyone to claim him, no one that witnessed the ... Read More »

Tucker Carlson is Basic

I don’t know smart people who call people stupid. Tucker Carlson’s talking points usually have a lampooning target. Fox News has been the most popular news network in the country since 2014 and in the lineage of the disgraced Bill O’Reilly there is always an attempt to position viewpoints as if they are outliers. Carlson masquerades as provoking thought but ... Read More »

Prison Abolition in the Age of Coronavirus

In the Prison Abolition Movement, it is a well-known fact that Police have a shared history with Slave Catching. There was a need to capture runaway slaves in metropolitan areas before that there was no need for police. Most of the lynchings of Jim Crow South were well attended and represented by police and how enforcement is distributed today is reflection of that history. Too many police and prison guards are former military to ignore the link to the prison industrial complex. Read More »

Alcatraz Indigenous Unthanksgiving

Teen Vogue is covering the 50th anniversary of the Indigenous Occupation of Alcatraz where in 1969 when the American Indian Movement (AIM) and Third World Liberation Front occupied the island monument to prisons. Ray Levy-Uyeda writes a comprehensive piece about the history and meaning of the Sunrise Ceremony. “Morning Star Gali, of the Pit River Tribe in California, has been ... Read More »

War Crime Photo

According to the New York Times,, and other major news networks the Trump administration is granting some pardons before the 2020 elections. With the recent apprehension and extermination of Baghdadi, this press release is speaking to a certain segment of the military community that got Trump elected. Read More »

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