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NYPD in Contempt of Court

Even though, the protesters have been given legal permission to return to Liberty Park and the NYPD refuses to obey the restraining order. When you become a police officer you take an oath. Here is a sample: “I (NAME) do swear that I will sell and truly serve our sovereign country and state as a police officer without favor or ... Read More »

NYPD Violates a Judiciary Order

As I’m writing this the NYPD has refused to obey a judiciary ruling to let protesters back into the park. The NYPD is lined up outside holding batons and in riot gear. There are suspicions that plain clothes officers infiltrated the crowds last night to provoke violence. Occupy Toronto has also received an eviction order. Portland and Oakland have faced ... Read More »

NYPD Equipped With Sound Cannons

4:30AM It is being reported on UStream channel  “The Other 99” that NYPD came equipped with Sound Cannons to Liberty Park. The OWS Facebook page confirms that the police are employing this weapon. This weapon was deployed against protesters in the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. The Israeli government is reported to have sent these weapons to the Egyptian government providing ... Read More »

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Preparing For War?

The county of San Diego released a 10-page document today that makes the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department look like they are preparing for an all-out war against the peaceful protesters at Occupy San Diego. The Request for Quotation (RFQ No. 5339) dated November 8, 2011 starts: The county of San Diego, Sheriff’s Department, has a requirement for defense technology’s ... Read More »

Anonymous Sends Strong Message to Police

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world. Released to Occupations in San Diego, Chicago, and Oakland, this latest video by the infamous Internet group Anonymous sends a strong message to police officers around the United States. The video calls for the police to honor their oath and protect the people they swore to serve.  It states ... Read More »

No Honor in Hurting Unarmed Civilians

Currently this video has over two and a half million hits. If this is not proof of the emotional power that a veteran in support of the Occupation can garner I don’t know what is. Most of us don’t claim to be any more honorable than anyone else. It is other people’s expectation of our honor that makes us go ... Read More »

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