Friday , 14 August 2020
  • Movie Review: Bombshell

    Movie Review: Bombshell

    Outside of pedigree and nepotism, all that is left is the lewdness associated with shameful means of...

  • Canceling Radical Evil

    Canceling Radical Evil

    photo credit: We here at SFTC are a product of cancel culture.   We w...

  • Cult of Arrest: Wall St. To HRC

    Cult of Arrest: Wall St. To HRC

    This engraving depicts the Apostle Paul and Barnabas being mistaken for the Greek gods Hermes and Ze...

  • Defund VA Police

    Defund VA Police

    Activist veteran organizations need to look at VA Police. More than half of minority vets are Black....

  • Vanessa Guillen: MST Martyr?

    Vanessa Guillen: MST Martyr?

    Vanessa Guillen was bludgeoned with a hammer, on base, in the armory, her remains were removed in a ...

The Death of Democracy

As the imminent fall of the birthplace of democracy looms on the world stage, it is important to keep in mind that it was not democracy that orchestrated its crash. It was the neoliberal banking practices perpetuated by the belief in hyper-capitalism as a world end game. That, due to the end of the Cold War, the West’s victory, and ... Read More »

Cartoons of the Occupation

I just finished looking at the U.S. News and World Report articles covering Occupy Wall Street and as I have watched various trolling and making fun of the protesters, I am saddened with how cruel humans can be to each other. The political cartoons themselves are comparable to xenophobic cartoons before the great wars.  Some of the trolling, I think, is ... Read More »

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