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Sexual Assault at a VA Hospital

I got a call one day when I was navigating a housing shortage in the bay area. It was a friend of mine, let’s call him Mike. Mike claimed that he had been sexaually assaulted by a doctor at the VA and I didn’t know how to help him. His story seemed surreal but the VA system is just that …

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Watch: The King of Stolen Valor

Oki’s Weird Stories finally made a documentary that’s relevant to us. The youtube channel has produced documentaries such as Thierry Hill cult, The Secret Space Program conspiracy theory, and the “gay frogs” rabbit hole. Jonathan “Jack” Idema’s was heavily influenced by Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Idema accredited the magazine for having become a green beret. We here strive to be …

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Vanessa Guillen: MST Martyr?

Vanessa Guillen was bludgeoned with a hammer, on base, in the armory, her remains were removed in a box. Several people saw, now deceased due to suicide, Aaron Robinson struggling with the box the night Vanessa disappeared. Guillen was a private and Robinson was a specialist. They both worked in the armory but in the army that small rank difference means a lot, and many, (if not most) exploit that.

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Disgruntled Veteran 2.0

I have always felt profiled at the VA, as a drug seeker, as a malingerer, as aggressive, as ungrateful, as not enough of a soldier, as a complainer. 

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Camera Obscura: War Movie

Marines pass a joint to one another in the dark void of southern Afghanistan and, in crackling night-vision green, the question arises: Did they think they would ever be stoned within range of enemy fire? War is a bitch. It takes the human soul, puts it through a grinder, and spits out a ripped and battered pit of despair. But …

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Transition Soldier

As of Friday evening the Trump administration issued a memo instituting a specific ban on transgender veterans who do need or will need surgery. It seems that gender reassignment is being cited as the reason for the promised ban. There are currently 15,550 transgender people in the military today. The memorandum signed by General Mattis essentially overturns the Obama era memorandum …

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