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OWS Has Been Denied

OWS Has Been Denied

The courts have ruled against Occupy Wall St. Occupiers are allowed to stay in the park 24 hours a day but they cannot have tents. They can, however, have sleeping bags. And at least for tonight, they can sleep there. After all the miss steps that the NYPD have taken I can’t believe the courts would rule in the city’s favor. There are some huge first amendment issues that couldn’t have been addressed today but the legal team assures OWS that this is not the end.


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Karol Olesiak served on the USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 from 2002-2006. He is a plankowner and a graduate of The New School in New York. In 1986 his family escaped Polish Communism by way of Greece due to Polish Martial Law. Karol and his family have been covered by the Christian Science Monitor and appeared on Good Morning America twice.


  1. Do the homeless people in New York that are not occupying sleep in tents? I wonder if this ‘no tent’ rule will be selectively enforced at OWS like it is here at Occupy San Diego.

  2. Most likely the evidence they used to substantiate a public safety threat was the pictures that appeared on Fox News of syringes . With no media covering the extraction those could have easily been planted. How did Fox News get a hold of the pics first.

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