Tuesday , 2 July 2024

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Preparing For War?

The county of San Diego released a 10-page document today that makes the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department look like they are preparing for an all-out war against the peaceful protesters at Occupy San Diego.

The Request for Quotation (RFQ No. 5339) dated November 8, 2011 starts:

The county of San Diego, Sheriff’s Department, has a requirement for defense technology’s special impact and tactical gas munitions…

The document goes on to list the required items and estimated quantities:

Flameless Tri-Chamber (Quantity: 10)
Instantaneous Blast Grenade OC (Quantity: 5)
OC/CS Aerosol (Quantity: 5)
Speedheat Grenade CS (Quantity: 150)
Riot Control Grenade CS (Quantity: 30)
HC Military Style Max Smoke Grenade (Quantity: 50)
Stinger Rubber Ball Grenade CS (Quantity: 30)
Han-ball Grenade CS (Quantity: 50)
40MM Liquid Ferret CS (Quantity: 100)
DEFTEC 40MM Single Launchers (Quantity: 5)
.12 GA TKO Breaking Round (Quantity: 50)
MK-9 Pepper Spray (Quantity: 10)
MK Inert, HV Steam (Quantity: 20)
Exact Impact Sponge Rounds (Quantity: 500)
40MM 250 Shot Training Kits (Quantity: 3)
MK9 OC, 1.3% HV Steam (Quantity: 30)
V MK46 Vertical, OC 1.3% (Not Charged) (Quantity: 10)
V MK-46V Pepper Spray (Quantity: 5)
40MM Extended Range Impact Rounds (Quantity: 100)


As an active member of the Occupy San Diego Movement, that list scares me.

As an American, that list scares me even more.

The occupiers of Civic Center Plaza in San Diego are committed to 100% nonviolence. The intimidation tactics by the San Diego Police Department as well as by other law enforcement agencies in the area are both immoral and illegal. Using every loophole in the book in their attempt to silence this revolution, the police have managed to trample on the Constitutional rights of the protesters.

San Diego is not the only city incurring many incidents of police brutality. New York, Oakland, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Boston are among other cities where police brutality has recently occurred. On October 25, Marine veteran and member of Veterans for Peace Scott Olsen was hit in the head by a police projectile in Oakland. He was taken to the Highland General Hospital in critical condition. Days later a second veteran, Kayvan Sabeghi, underwent surgery for a ruptured spleen due to a vicious attack by Oakland police. After the beating, Sabeghi was handcuffed and placed in a van for three hours before being driven to the jail. He was then denied medical care for nearly 24 hours.

About patrickgokey

Patrick Gokey is a United States Navy veteran and lifetime member of Veterans For Peace. He owns and operates Pete's Hamburger Catering in Madison, Wisconsin.

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  1. this even scares me as i am a swiss/eurpoean citizen

  2. Who started it?

    Who’s gonna end it?

  3. That’s a little light for taking on a crowd.

  4. SD I love you my thoughts and prayers go out to you!

  5. Ever since the TSA and DHS were created under Bush II, I’ve felt we are living in a totalitarian police state. The reaction of local law enforcement (and their DHS handlers) to the many Occupy movements around the country simply blasts it vividly on the nightly news. No amount of media “spin” is going to convince the U.S. public that it is the Occupy protestors that are the terrorists — it’s the COPS and BladeRunner stormtroppers chasing citizens through U.S. cities. With everyone in the universe filming live, there is no longer the ability to “frame” the story — it’s raw footage at 11 — cops pepper-spraying young women in NYC, brutally arresting 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge, intentionally running over a lawyer’s leg and resting the motorcycle on his leg while beating and cuffing him, going batshit mad in Oakland, Denver, Washington, D.C.

    Just EXACTLY which laws are you “enforcing”? From the viewpoint of a 63-year old U. S. citizen, YOU are breaking the laws that constitutionally-protect citizens’ rights that are the cornerstone of our republic: the right of free speech and peaceful assembly, the right NOT to be subject to unreasonable search and seizures (TSA, electronic survelliance, internet spying, violations of the 4th amendment).

    Keep it up, law enforcement and you will get the wholesale REPEAL of the friggin Patriot Act and will have to start adtually Protecting & Serving the communities in which you work. And may I also ask why the frig’ you would even consent to tyrannize your fellow citizens? I don’t believe anyone in law enforcement is making millions/billions of dollars and is thereby part of the 1%. You are just the 21st century Pinkerton thugs breaking up the Unions for your corporate overlords.

  6. keep in mind that many of these people in the various law enforcement agencies are ex military..sooner or later they’re gonna wake up and realize that it’s not in there interest to be waging a war with there brethern. matt california

  7. I think that it will be a challenge to remain non-violent. It looks to me like the police all over the country – even the globe – are ready to rumble. I don’t know what they think they’re protecting, or who they think they are – but we must not back down. That is exactly what they are hoping for – a fizzle out.

    In the end, compassion is stronger than hate and right is stronger than might…. but this is war, and we must use our wits and our spirits to stand tall because it’s not going to be without its casualties. They will see to that.

  8. I think that the majority of that list isn’t even lethal if used properly. Not that I would expect them to follow the OSHA for the stuff. It is not like they are gearing up with AK’s and REAL grenades. This list is probably common to all law enforcement with the situation they have. Of course, our occupy movement is supposed to be civil and non-violent. I have, however, observed the frenzy of some that are just too emotional (on both sides of this movement) and act in a threatening or combative nature. These items are just in case that happens. I support the movement but I do not condone this form of “Hyping up” the followers with paranoia. I live in Imperial Beach (S. San Diego County.) I have demonstrated in San Diego. My family has demonstrated here as well. Don’t get me wrong. I want this whole money maker driven system to just fall apart and then we can start building something that really works.

  9. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”


  10. Boycott San Diego County!!!

  11. Veterans day coming up! How will you Flea Baggers observe it? Spit on a soldier, shit on the flag, burn some cars and use your children as human shields against the police tear gas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CguFPFJAqlA

    • i thought you was talking about the police on what they would do. The soldiers are siding with the people. You are just showing you never been to a protest at all. look up provacatours. you’ll see the cops are clever enough to do the violence themselves undercover to motivate cops to have the nerve and excuse to attack civilians doing nothing.

    • Idiot. Sounds like you drank the koolaid. These kind of attitudes are why we are facing total breakdown of the ecological and social systems all over the planet. Of course this is probably beyond your ability to understand.

    • I personally plan on wearing my command cover and ribbons and spend the day telling people what an honor it was to serve in the US Navy.

    • are the children in harms way..?

      who is it that is protecting them here, and who are the ones that represent the threat to their safety?

      it appears to me that the person filming this video in your link was either unaware, or disregarded the nuance and the obviousness of the situation…

      never the less it is understandable in a culture or society with a mass media that has a seemly never ending morbid fascination with cases of child abuse.

      a sad state of affairs indeed…

  12. If they had any true balls they would lay down their aresenal and join the Occupiers!

    • John, I fully expect to see this in the not-too-distant future. Might take someone actually getting killed in the process; Lord, I hope not. We can’t overlook the Mayors, City Councilmen, Governors who must be calling the shots — where is their conscience?

      You might be interested to learn that even Iraeli youth are flat-out refusing to fight in Israel’s proposed nuke strike against Iran. I think the Middle East has hit “battle fatigue” and are so sick and tired of fighting, the young are seeking better ways of resolving disagreements. If only the old-fart leaders from the 20th century would all die off, we cd have a mass re-set.

  13. I just don’t get what you folks think you’re getting out of “occupying” a park. It all seems rather pointless. Kudos for expressing your opinions and exercising your rights, but pick your battles…it all seems rather childish:

    Dick McCop: Go home.
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: No.
    Dick McCop: Go home, now!
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: No!
    Dick McCop: I’m going to start counting…
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: No!!
    Dick McCop: 1…2…3…
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: No! No!! No!!!
    Dick McCop: That’s it, go get me a switch!!!
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: Wahhhhhhhh!!! I don’t wanna!!! Wahhhhhhhh!!!
    Dick McCop: This is going to hurt you a lot more than it’s going to hurt me…
    Lil Jimmy Occupy: I’m telling on you!!!


  14. I have been watching for a few weeks now, I help where I can and support who I can. It is inspiring to see you, the young, the middle aged, and the elderly working side by side for something we all believe in. I marched in the civil rights movement, burned my draft card in front of the federal building in my home town. I have never quit believeng in the spirit of the people. We are the people, if we don’t remember where we came from we will never know where we are. We didn’t start this, but through our our apathy, we let it get out of hand. When it hit us at home we finally moved. We must fininsh what they started once and for all. We have to keep it up, for those of us who’s age can only let us help from the sides, know that after 60 years of watching this country grow up and helping to shape our destiny, this is the greatest privilege we all get to share. Look to your soul for the truth. It is in there, do not believe that you can’t, it is within your grasp. Take it it is yours. 2-dogs

  15. Remember this, officers of the law: history does not forgive “I was just following orders.”

  16. stand down, your getting paid to shoot your own children today, and tomorrow when your guns out of your hand and your retired, they will revoke your pension and send the irs to further extract wealth from you…

    its been done before, it will be done again… its your moral, and ethical duty to disregard your orders and put civilians first. its your right and patriotic obligation to refuse…

  17. Who started this? In my opinion it was Zionists with an agenda to control the world – why? Because they have lost the everloving minds. Mental illness, that’s my opinion. These people are creating the chaos so that they can get rid of pesky citizens. And I do believe that is their plan – which is why I do not want to see anyone killed – because once one is gunned down, it will begin a chain reaction.

    I also think that someone is putting drugs (meth? steroids? hallucinogenics?) in the water of every police department in the country. As crazy as that sounds, I am a bit familiar with street drugs, anyway, and the looks on the faces of the officers is almost vacant and robotic on most. I’d suggest a drug test of everyone down.

    The fact that gun laws have now been changed to allow us to carry them with a permit is chilling as well.

    Scenario I see:

    DA: Officer, why did you shoot this man?

    Officer: I thought his cell phone was a gun

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  20. I think that it will be a challenge to reiman non-violent. It looks to me like the police all over the country even the globe are ready to rumble. I don’t know what they think they’re protecting, or who they think they are but we must not back down. That is exactly what they are hoping for a fizzle out.In the end, compassion is stronger than hate and right is stronger than might . but this is war, and we must use our wits and our spirits to stand tall because it’s not going to be without its casualties. They will see to that.

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