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Shills, Shills Everywhere

Shills, Shills Everywhere

We live in a time where sometimes it is very hard to discern fact from fiction. For me, this is a conspiratorial change that happened during the hyper intelligence activity of the Cold War, but the Cold War is always my issue, let’s make this about what it is. The shill is a grifter term used to describe a person or persons that are in place to sway group opinion. In three card Monty the shill is called the ringer.

The original intelligence community shill program was called Gladio and it was run by NATO after WWII. It was a “stay behind” program whose purpose was to discredit communism. The other big program that used shills that we know of was called Chaos and it was expanded as a counter insurgency program run by the CIA in the 1960s. Richard Nixon gets the blame but there was a whole culture of people who believed that the ends justified the means. In the 1960s, the rest of the world thought the United States was on the brink of revolution. Blank Panthers and other political groups were scaring the hell out of the status quo.

Today shills are for hire everywhere. Out of work actors and models whore themselves out to corporations and political parties. It’s not that it’s not used in intelligence but in our system this grift scheme is available to the highest bidder. With the amount of money being reported in expenditures to disqualify Occupy Wall Street’s legitimacy as a movement, this comes as no surprise.

Watching Tim Pool TheOther99% livestream (http://www.ustream.tv/theother99) I have a hard time discerning what is real and what is paid for. For those of us following this movement we lean between the choice of livestream and mainstream: we  always choose the livestream. It is reality. But livestream now has made me wonder who has infiltrated where.

Yesterday, at the drum circle outside of Bloomberg’s house (covered by Tim Pool) there was some shills that seemed obvious to me. There was a woman walking around saying that she was with the mayor’s office. Someone in the livechat identified her as a performance artist that lives in Brooklyn.

Her name is Mary Notari and this is her twitter. https://twitter.com/#!/Mary_Kat This actress might have just been doing this in jest but imagine a skilled actor, nay, an army of skilled actors infiltrating a crowd. There was at least three that I spotted. They were actually trying to ambush the peoples mic. Beware both livestream and mainstream watchers for shills. These people can usually be spotted because they are causing trouble. But one has to take into account that some of these shills might have been there since at the very beginning.

It’s a sad world where we can’t trust each other. But some of the people that the mainstream calls vagabonds and hipsters are at least trustworthy. The important thing to remember about shills is that most of what they say sounds very reasonable because they are keeping mind that they have to be believable. It’s the small amount of disruption and disorientation that they throw into a crowd that is their arsenal. If one even suspects someone of shilling the appropriate response is to ignore them and walk away. Do not engage these are pros they will work to try to turn others against the person that is suspicious. So, being vigilant isn’t enough.

This BBC Documentary about project Gladio will give the reader some background:

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