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Interview with Captain Ray Lewis at Occupy Congress (video)

Interview with Captain Ray Lewis at Occupy Congress (video)

Oakland based livestream OakFoSho and Aubrey Weiland for the DC examiner just did an interview with retired police captain Ray Lewis the police officer who was arrested at Occupy Wall Street on November 17th. He goes over a cease and desist letter he received from the pension board telling him to stop wearing his uniform in public. And one of the protesters who was arrested under felony conspiracy charges in San Diego for mic checking asked him advice on who to write letters to in their defense.

Ray Lewis has been an inspiration to many of us here, as well as, the many who have been following the Occupy Movement. His arrest in New York was picked up by almost every mainstream news source when the Philadelphia Police confirmed he was a retired cop the same day. When this picture showed up on twitter the Occupy community was abuzz with excitement. Our hats off to Aubrey Weiland and OakFoSho Livestream for the great interview.

Video of the arrest on Wall Street:

Retired Police Captain Arrested At OWS:

English Papers Covering Ray Lewis

OakFoSho’s Website

OakFoSho interview:

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