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Motivation Monday IX

Motivation Monday IX

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What motivates you? As world economies decline it gets easier to stay unmotivated. The state of world affairs can either be an excuse or a catalyst. When the media cycles droop to critical lows it is easier to motivate oneself in a kind of I-need-to-save-the-world mindset. But when they drool bellow an accepted equilibrium it is acceptable to selfishly lack motivation. Motivation is a big problem for most of us. Mantras work for successful people but most of us get caught up in a proto-industrial survival mode, devoid of the time needed for transcendental reflection.

The truth is that most “successful” people are lucky. The adage that it is better to be lucky than good applies to most of what we see in the modern world. It has always has been that way. And I believe that that observation is a huge de-motivator for most of us. The embedded educational video about motivation is narrated by Daniel Pink. Mr. Pink’s analysis is concrete and testable. There is something not testable that he does not include: a sense of purpose. How do we apply a sense of purpose into a scientific model? Is it relative? Is it something that everyone has to discover for themselves?

Enjoy the video. Burn through your Monday. You are something that happens to the world. The world is not something that happens to you.

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