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How to Film a Revolution

How to Film a Revolution

Corey Ogilvie has produced another highly informative film, this time providing guidance to citizen journalists on how to best film a revolution.

Along with other hints, he provides five guidelines for best filming violent encounters with the police.

#1) Call out for cameras. The more cameras that are filming the better the chances are that the event will be captured on film.
#2) Do not film vertically. This means do not tilt your camera sideways, as it makes editing the video a pain and provides less detail.
#3) Keep your distance. Stay close enough to film the action, but far enough away that you stay safe and available to film.
#4) Protect yourself. Keep an eye out for tear gas, rubber bullets, and other weaponry used by the police.
#5) Defend your rights. As a citizen journalist, you have the constitutional right to film. Know the law as best you can.

Check out Corey’s latest video entitled “How to Film a Revolution” below:


Photo Credit: Brian Canova

Click here to listen to our podcast interview with Corey Ogilvie.

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