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George Floyd’s Body

George Floyd’s Body

An independent autopsy commissioned by the Floyd family revealed that George Floyd was murdered and contradicted the state’s autopsy that claimed that George Floyd’s comorbidity had lead to his death. After the families autopsy went public the state followed suit. What this also revealed is that if George Floyd didn’t have anyone to claim him, no one that witnessed the infamous video, the police department, in cahoots with the coroner would have swept his case under the rug.

There is a legitimate fear of co-opting in the Black Lives Matter Movement right now. George Floyd’s body means something different to everyone but his death has pushed the COVID-19 virus out the headlines. Most of what I have heard insinuates police reform. Contemporary folk songs voice ballads about dying over a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. In relation to the Prison Abolition Movement, the police and the prison system are intertwined. No cops no prisons. This is also an opportune time to talk about how we punish. Why we punish.

There is a call to imprison the men that killed George Floyd while the spirit of the Black Lives Matter Movement aims to reform a system defund the police and speak for other George Floyds, that had no one to claim the body — swept under the rug. Being forced to die in an unnatural way away from loved ones is a horrible thing to imagine. However, enduring state-sponsored terrorism by shying away from labeling apartheid is unimaginable.

Unalienably, this becomes about syntax: that this case is representative of a systemic problem of militarizing our police for the purposes perpetuating apartheid. That apartheid having become the sustaining lifeblood of the for-profit enforcement and prison state. Many careers sustained on the imprisonment and criminalization of people.

The only way that George Floyd’s death will have been in vain is his death is singular and is not bound to all of the extrajudicial lynchings that happen in this country every year and don’t have have the inertia of the moment he has been resurrected in as the protests across the country continue.

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Karol Olesiak is a poet, writer, and activist. He is a graduate of Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College at The New School and an MFA student at The University of San Francisco. As a Navy sailor, he commissioned the USS Ronald Reagan, navigated the straits of Magellan, and served in the Persian Gulf. In 2011 Karol headlined The Bowery Poetry Club in New York. That same year he became a staunch supporter of The Occupy Wall Street Movement and became entrenched in the Occupy network of affinity groups. Karol was one of the founders of He became an antiwar activist in 2010 and has written many political essays. He has been translated into Spanish. Karol's poetry has been incorporated into cinematography and sound art.

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