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Motivation Monday VII

Motivation Monday VII

This MM is a hail to ingenuity. While protesters here and abroad deal with the constant threat of police incursion and violence one man found a way to take action. It’s a play straight from the US military playbook. Unmanned drones.
In this case, the drone is a RC Helicopter strapped with a camera. But the video captures everything from police formation and movements to the launching of some kind of projectile, most likely tear gas, into the air.
While many Occupiers have stayed on the ground documenting what they can when they can, could you imagine some going airborne? The question could be raised if “spying” on the police is legal, but let us not forget that police, despite their para-military appearance, are civil servants, and as long as your not surveilling them as a means to avoid prosecution of a crime then it should be perfectly legal. Of course the lines are becoming even more gray as to what is legal and is not, but that’s the purpose of Motivation Monday VII, to become informed as to what is legal and not legal in your area, not just in regards to RC helicopters or videoing police, but for anything, know what you can and can’t do, because it matters. In the meantime, check out this awesome video through the aerial eye of an RC helicopter of the Warsaw protests.

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Matthew Baker is a veteran of the United States Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Ronald Reagan from 2002 to 2006. He holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Oklahoma. Baker has worked as a reporter and photographer for The Purcell Register in Purcell, Ok, and is currently teaching English and Journalism to high school students in Norman, OK.

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